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Parents who wish to visit the school should make prior arrangements with the Headteacher by telephone or letter.

All visitors should report to the school office on arrival.

Because there is so much traffic on the school grounds during the day, the safety of everyone on the school site is a matter of priority, especially at the start and the end of the day. The school will make the pupils aware of these dangers through tutorial lessons/assembly/letters to parents, etc. Everyone who uses their car must take great care when on the school site and must be aware of the unpredictable nature of the pupils on the site.

For the safety of all, we are eager to implement the procedures below when parents, staff and visitors’ vehicles, as well as buses, visit the school:

If parents transport their children to the school between 8.00 and 8.45 in the morning, we ask that they use the main slip road that is by the school gate for dropping off pupils, and that they park sensibly and safely in the visitors parking area, and not on the slip road.

If parents bring their cars on to the school site after 9.00 and before 2.30pm, they can park on the school yard if space allows. They should always take the utmost care when driving on school premises and should always present themselves in the school’s main office in order for them to receive a visitors security badge. If the visit is after 2.30pm and before 3.45pm they must use the main slip road because the school buses will be arriving on the school yard. We ask parents to take extra care during break/lunchtime (12.35pm-1.35pm).

It is most important that parents’ cars do not affect the access for buses coming to take children home by not parking in the approach to the main school entrance.

It is recommended that parents who pick up their children after school in the afternoon do so after 3.30pm, and use the main slip road. By then, the school buses will have left, as will the large number of pupils who walk home through the main entrance.

Parents should always pay attention to the advice/directions of the staff who are on duty at the end of the afternoon session.

It is recommended that visitors/contractors park on the school yard between 9.00am and 2.30pm. All visitors/contractors who visit the school must sign in at the school’s main office and provide information about the nature of their visit/business. Any visitor who needs to park somewhere other than the school yard, e.g. for loading/unloading, must get permission from the office.

For safety reasons, no member of staff should leave the school site until the last bus has left the school yard. Staff parking areas can be seen on the enclosed map. All members of staff will need to take great care when parking as well as entering and leaving the school grounds.

The vast majority of pupils are transported to school on buses provided by the Authority. It is the Authority, not the school, that arranges bus times and routes. However, when they are on the school yard, every driver must listen to, and follow advice/directions given by the school’s staff. Six members of staff will be on duty at the end of the school day in order to ensure safety. For the safety of all passengers the pupils must be warned to sit down at all times, not to smoke, and to behave in an appropriate manner.

Transport is provided for all pupils who live within the school’s catchment area (other than those pupils who live within walking distance). If a pupil lives within three miles of the school they will have to pay for transport. If a pupil lives outside the three miles, but in the catchment area, a bus pass will be issued. There are no formal transport arrangements for pupils living outside the catchment area.

Year 12 and 13 students who wish to travel on school transport are required to apply for a bus pass. Year 7 -11 pupils who live less than 3 miles from the school are also entitled to apply for a bus pass.

The bus pass costs £60, with the option of paying in two instalments of £30 rather than paying the full amount all at once. Application forms are available from the school’s Main Office and should be returned to:

Head of Service (Highways and Transportation)
Isle of Anglesey County Council
Council Offices
LL77 7TW

A high standard of behaviour is expected on the buses: pupils who behave badly can be banned from using the Education Authority’s transport.

We ask that buses arrive at the school at least 10 minutes before the end of the afternoon session and be in place to receive pupils when the bell rings at 3.20pm. No bus should leave the school’s premises until every pupil is safely on a bus.

If any problems arise, you should in the first instance contact the school’s Health and Safety Officer.

At the end of the afternoon session 6 members of staff will be on duty in order to ensure safe passage onto the buses and off the school site (see Appendix). School buses are under contract to the Local Authority and as such come under their control. However, when on the school site all drivers should listen and adhere to advice / direction given by school staff. Pupils should be warned to sit down at all times, not to smoke on school buses and behave in a reasonable manner.

School buses should arrive on the site 10 minutes before the end of the afternoon session and be in place ready to receive pupils as soon as the pupils are dismissed.

Any problems with regard to school transport should be reported to the Health and Safety Officer in the first instance, who if necessary, will liaise with the member of the Local Authority responsible for school transport.